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We do more...
Access to cartographic and geological information held by Governmental Departments.

Interpretation and processing of airborne geophysical data, ASTER and Landsat images.

Assistance to clients wishing to establish structured, in-house databases.

Arrangement of datasets inherited by clients as part of their due diligence.

Data validation and presentation in a range of software such as: Micromine, Datamine, ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Global Mapper, ERDAS and Google Earth.

Data types include: soil sampling, trenching and drillhole assays, satellite, airborne and ground (hyper-) spectral imagery, airborne, ground and borehole geophysics.

Producing quality combined image/vector maps

Change Detection, Registering data to ground control points, Selecting Control Points, Data Enhancement, Principal Components Analysis, Image Differencing, Crop Type Classification and Area Inventory, Multispectral classification, Multispectral sensing of crops, Spectral Reflectance Characteristics, Ground truth, Training Site Selection, Classification accuracy assessment..

Creation of 3D visualization GIS database from historic excavation records. 


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