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                       • Ground surveys: radiometric, electrical, electromagnetic, potential fields
                     • Quality control of ground and airborne surveys
                     • Processing, modeling, interpretation and second opinions
                     • Downhole wireline logging & analysis
                     • Determination of physical compositional and structural properties

We do more...
  Experienced geophysicists using best practices developed from experience gained in mining  and exploration in West Africa since 1994

Quality control of ground and airborne surveys.

Experienced in hard rock mining, oil & gas, hydrogeology and civil engineering applications

SEMM Logging downhole tools , capable of surveying to 3000 m, include optical & ultrasonic  imager, induced polarization, magnetic susceptibility, focused resistivity, in situ density and porosity and mineral analyzer

Technical experience to guide selection of the best available geophysical method at lowest cost to help define and solve exploration, mining or environmental questions

Field teams and equipment to execute ground truth studies and follow up of airborne geophysical target zones with seismic, magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, gravity and radiometric surveys. These surveys are often done concurrent with our soil sampling programs.


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