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                   • Baseline & biodiversity studies
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                 • Biodiversity offset area determination
                 • Landuse assessments and galamsy monitoring

We do more...
Experienced environmentalists with a good understanding of mining and exploration in both Sahelian and coastal countries in West Africa, working closely with industry and governments to develop practices that meet current requirements and standards.
GIS, remote sensing and geo-hydrological capabilities to populate key evidence databases that are analyzed on policy options, benefits, costs, and effects.
Ground truth soil mapping and determination of groundwater quality, catchment & hydrological parameters, river flows and biota sampling. Air quality and noise measurements.
Assessment of environmental policies, perceptions, plans and efforts by governments to combat deforestation and desertification, including the Great Green Wall initiative. 
Interviews with key informants and participatory community interviews documenting concerns about public health and water availability.
Complete biodiversity assessment programs that follow IFC’s Performance for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management, including vascular plants, primates, large, medium and small mammals (also bats), birds, reptiles and amphibians, several insect groups (e.g. butterflies, dragonflies).
Assistance in habitat restoration or rehabilitation and landscaping (indigenous material)


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