REFLEX is the leader in innovative instrumentation and technology for drilling, data collection and analysis within the global minerals industry.
The company’s range includes downhole survey and core orientation instrumentation, together with data collection and management software, which enable the seamless integration of field operational data – readily accessed from any location.

REFLEX’s technologies are acknowledged for their reliability, ease of use and accuracy. REFLEX customers know more, get information faster and mine smarter. Complementing these advanced technologies is REFLEX’s unrivalled expertise in the analysis and interpretation of geo- scientific data

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  REFLEX provides the complete end-to-end solution for overcoming these challenges and accurately intersecting targets in the drilling cycle. From project creation of drilling programs to fast and accurate rig alignment through to monitoring the directional progress of the individual borehole with specified directional drilling software

REFLEX’s downhole navigation solution provides accurate, reliable information in all ground conditions, including both magnetic and non-magnetic ground.

The driller operable instruments save you time and money by re-engineering the workflow so you don’t require service technicians on-site. With data transmitted straight to IMDEXHUB-IQ™, confidence in the data authenticity is ensured. In-field data is visible in real-time anywhere, so decisions on drill plans or management can be made while the rigs are still on-site.

REFLEX’s advanced technology and software, with IMDEXHUB-IQ™ at the heart of the solution, allows data collection and interpretation wherever your project is, so geoanalytical decisions can be made anywhere, anytime with confidence.

The REFLEX PRESS™ coupled with the REFLEX XRF™ solution delivers near real-time, consistent and quality multi-element data from geological samples.  QA/QC rules are built into the data collection routine to allow validation at point of collection, with remote monitoring and sign off through the IMDEXHUB-IQ™.  Seamless delivery of data to ioGAS™ allows rapid analysis of the results supporting close to real-time decisions that can be trusted

       ioGAS TM  
IMDEX’s ioGAS™ is a leading exploratory data analysis software application developed specifically for the resources industry. Traditional methods to analyse results would take many hours and is prone to human error; ioGAS™ can generate accurate results in a fraction of the time. Over the past decade a wide range of visual analytics and advanced quantitative tools have been developed to help you obtain a greater insight into the underlying structure of your data.
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